January 2013: Geneva

14-16 January: Conference Harvard, Renmin, Sydney and Geneva

"Property Law in Four Dimensions"

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More than 100 legal scholars gathered in Geneva, Switzerland for the Geneva-Harvard-Renmin-Sydney Law Faculty Conference, a three-day event that explored the history and evolution of property laws around the world.

The conference, which took place January 14-16, brought together faculty from Harvard Law School, the University of Geneva, Renmin Law School (China), and Sydney Law School (Australia). The conference was principally organized by the University of Geneva Faculty of Law and the Confucius Institute, and was sponsored by the Latsis Foundation and Hanban, an organization dedicated to Chinese cultural teaching worldwide.

In workshops and a public conference, panels of speakers from the four law schools considered the interplay between public and private property, the relationship between intellectual property and property, and the protection of private and public property under international law.

Monday January 14th, 2013: Workshop at the Confucius Institute

Introductory Remarks
Zhao Xiurong, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute
Christine Chappuis, Dean of the Law Faculty
Bénédict Foex - Opening Presentation

Interplay between Public and Private Property

Moderator : Maya Hertig Randall

Charles Donahue, Jr. (Harvard) : The Emergence of Property in Land in Twelfth and Thirteenth-Century England: Blurring the Public-Private Distinction

Han Dayuan (Renmin): The Protection of Property Rights in Chinese Constitutional Law

Wang Yi (Renmin): Public Interest in the Perspective of Civil Law

Thomas Merrill Columbia (Harvard Delegation): U.S. Regulatory Takings Law: Less of a Mess Than Commonly Thought?

Marc-André Renold (Geneva) : The Interplay between Property Rights in Works of Art and Public Control on Their Circulation

Stefan Gruber (Sydney) : Illicit Export and Trade in Cultural Property

Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff (Geneva) : Decentering Property: Indigenous Land Claims in Common Law and International Law

Tuesday January 15th, 2013: Workshop at the Confucius Insitute

Relationship between Intellectual Property and Property

Moderator : William P. Alford

Guo He (Renmin) : Will the intellectual Property Law Impact the Property System?

Kimberlee Weatherall (Sydney) : The Constitutional Implications of Regulating Intellectual Property: The Case of Australia's Tobacco Plain Packaging Litigation

Jacques de Werra (Geneva) : A European perspective on the interplay betweem Intellectual Property and Property

Michael Kenneally (Harvard) : Misappropriation, 'Quasi-Property', and Lockean Ethical Theory

The Protection of Private and Public Property in International Law

Moderator : Han Dayuan

Emily Crawford (Sydney) : Moveable and Immovable Property in Times of Armed Conflict

Zhu Wenqi (Renmin) : Immunity and Protection of Private Property

Henry Smith (Harvard) : Property, Equity, and the Rule of law

Zachary Douglas (Geneva) : The Strategic Use of Different Conceptions of Property by International Judge and Arbitrators

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013: Public Conference on "Property Law in Four Dimensions

Moderator : Christian Bovet

Welcome Adress Yves Flückiger, Vice-Rector

Patricia Lane - (Sydney) : Imagining Property: Traditional Rights to Land in Australia

Marco Sassòli (Geneva) : The Protection of Private and Public Property in International Law

Henry Smith (Harvard) : Property, Equity, and the Rule of Law

Zhu Wenqi (Renmin) : Private Property in China

Concluding Remarks - Basile Zimmermann, Director of the Confucius Insitute

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